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Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler: "A Rembrandt is a Rembrandt. A Xerox is a Xerox.”

Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:
Ceramic Artist Ceren İnaler:

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“A Rembrandt is a Rembrandt. A Xerox is a Xerox.”

Ceren Inaler is a pottery artist living in Barcelona. Her young brand “Ren Ceramica” recently started participating in international festival design markets.

Can you please introduce yourself? How did your interest in ceramics begin?

Been interested in arts since childhood. Had sculpture courses even in primary school. Later in life I found myself in Faculty of Fine Arts for higher education in photography, which then led to working in the advertising industry for many years.

I've met pottery at a friend's studio some 10 years ago, which lasted a year or so. Then I moved to Stockholm and later to Barcelona. One year ago I've founded my brand Ren Ceramica.

Why did you choose the art of pottery?

I love the feeling of giving life to clay. To touch the mud. To wait for the result when it gets life in fire. The colors. Being united with nature.

To produce something natural, unique and with imperfections when compared to mass-produced products. I like the waiting periods when producing. The risks. The dynamism of pottery keeps me excited.


What is your style in pottery?

My main focus is being natural. I want people to feel nature when they touch a product of mine. Like, to eat a meal with the feeling of touching the soil, as if you live in some old ages, in a bowl or plate with all those lumps and scratches, before everything was mechanized and everything was already perfect as they are. Like us humans. I like the colorful, shiny insides and pure, natural outsides. You can check out my works on my website RenCeramica.com or my Instagram @renceramica

How is the pottery scene in Spain?

Spain is a country that values art and the artist. There are many events, galleries, museums, all kinds of happenings. I feel lucky by that sense. For instance I've been invited to an international design festival suddenly this month, in a few days I'll be present with my works at this event which holds thousands of visitors from inside and outside of Spain. The country supports the artist, you don't need to own an atelier or studio, you can reach people with your work through many events, festivals, organizations...

How do you specify your prices? It must be hard to define prices for handmade products?

It is so very relative to put a price on the labor. If the artist knows what her purpose is, then it gets easier. I want to reach people who are keen to use handmade products and who respect the work. They must be reachable by a student or a businessman. I think, art in general should be reachable not only by the rich but by whoever really adores its beauty and understands the idea behind. This will not reduce your value. It's my priviledge to touch more lives those who value art.

Recently a cute young girl appeared in the studio to buy a plate for her mom. I asked her why this plate, you can buy something else for the price, she said her mom was very much into handmade products and she'd be happy with it. So yes she could afford it. I think being able to reach art as a youngster will also support art and the artist in the long run, if they grow up with this understanding.

Of course I'd be happy on the material side when I produce handmade products for a commercial organization, like a restaurant or hotel, but on the other side I love to offer the unique products with affordable tags to people who value art. Their ability to reach to unique handmade stuff excites me.

What makes pottery different than other arts?

Main difference is when soil meets fire it evolves into something different than them both. Then comes colouring, and all the possibilities and uncertainties during the process. Pottery is full of surprises. The color you use may turn to something totally different after the kiln. You can not even predict the results of your brush strokes. With any tiny mistake, your piece may crack, break, change.

Are there any pottery artists you are inspired by?

When I started producing I kept away from seeing much as I did not want to get affected. I had no plan. Playing with the “mud”, shaping it, wasting it a lot, drying and breaking and trying again, I've reached a point for myself. Now there are some artists I follow and like a lot. Especially Japanese artists impress me much.

Will 3D printing convert handmade pottery into manufacting?

If the printers can have feelings someday, it may happen but in the foreseeable future I don't think so. Handmade is heartmade, it is unique and brings the spirit of the artist. It carries the very moment it came into life. A Rembrandt is a Rembrandt. A Xerox is a Xerox. At least for now.

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